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Jokari is a leader in creating innovative products for the home and beyond.

Founded in 1974, Jokari offers a wide range of houseware gadgets, as well as storage and organizational products. Jokari’s exceptional ability to recognize common challenges faced in the home produces one-of-a-kind products designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Through an intensive research and development process innovative solutions are developed and products are created that are unique, stylish and easy to use. Features are so unique that many are protected by US and foreign patents!

Jokari has manufacturing capabilities with 12 overseas factories which allow for the high-volume production of items and the creation of synergies in shipping. All products go through a rigorous US-based quality-control process to ensure the highest possible standards. A centrally located domestic warehouse in Dallas, Texas and a direct import program provide flexibility in creating successful programs for retailers.

Jokari recognizes common challenges faced in the home and provide solutions that are unique, stylish and easy to use.

Jokari prides itself on combining the latest technologies with current designer trends to produce quality products of both form and function.

Our expertise comes from experience

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